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Voice, natural language, and conversations: Are they the next web UI?

Take any major conference that happened this year, Google I/O, Apple’s WWDC, or Microsoft Build. A major focus of all these conferences by top-notch...

Facebook’s Wit.ai: Why we need yet another chatbot development framework?

Chatbots are remarkably changing the way customer service is provided in a variety of industries. For every organization, customer satisfaction plays a very important...

How to create a conversational assistant or chatbot using Python

This article is an excerpt taken from a book Natural Language Processing with Python Cookbook written by Krishna Bhavsar, Naresh Kumar, and Pratap Dangeti....

Build a generative chatbot using recurrent neural networks (LSTM RNNs)

In today’s tutorial we will learn to build generative chatbot using recurrent neural networks. The RNN used here is Long Short Term Memory(LSTM). Generative chatbots...

Top 4 chatbot development frameworks for developers

The rise of the bots is nigh! If you can imagine a situation involving a dialog, there is probably a chatbot for that. Just...