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Pattern mining using Spark MLlib – Part 2

The following is an excerpt from the book Mastering Machine Learning with Spark 2.x by Alex Tellez, Max Pumperla and Michal Malohlava.  In part 1 of the tutorial,...

Pattern Mining using Spark MLlib – Part 1

The following two-part tutorial is an excerpt from the book Mastering Machine Learning with Spark 2.x by Alex Tellez, Max Pumperla and Michal Malohlava.  When collecting...

3rd Nov.’ 17 – Headlines

Apache Kafka 1.0, IBM Watson upgrades, and Cisco’s first voice assistant for meetings, in today’s trending stories in data science news. New version releases Apache Kafka...

Building a classification system with Decision Trees in Apache Spark 2.0

In this article by Siamak Amirghodsi, Meenakshi Rajendran, Broderick Hall, and Shuen Mei from their book Apache Spark 2.x Machine Learning Cookbook we shall...

Is Apache Spark today’s Hadoop?

With businesses generating data at an enormous rate today, many Big Data processing alternatives such as Apache Hadoop, Spark, Flink, and more have emerged...