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Read the latest Android news, developments and updates on Packt Hub, including the latest updates from the Google team on Android Development, Beta releases and news on Android Things.

Red Programming Language for Android development

Red has been around for a while now and has been extending its purpose from systems programming to various fields like Blockchain, Android development,...

Why has Vue.js become so popular?

The JavaScript ecosystem is full of choices, with many good web development frameworks and libraries to choose from. One of these frameworks is Vue.js,...

Mobile Phone Forensics: A First Step into Android Forensics

In this article by Michael Spreitzenbarth and Johann Uhrmann, authors of the book Mastering Python Forensics, we will see that even though the forensic...

Creating User Interfaces

When creating an Android application, we have to be aware of the existence of multiple screen sizes and screen resolutions. It is important to...

Top 5 Must-have Android Applications

  Android Application Testing Guide Build intensively tested and bug free Android applications     1. ES File Explorer Description: ES File Explorer has everything you would expect...

Android Application Testing: Getting Started

We will avoid introductions to Android and the Open Handset Alliance (http://www.openhandsetalliance.com) as they are covered in many books already and I am inclined...