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Tableau software has brought unique packages which combine new and existing analytical capabilities to scale data analytics across the organizations. With Tableau 2018.1, you can enable an effective data-driven enterprise by providing easy access to data among the entire workforce.

Tableau is one of the leading business intelligence tools used to derive quality insights. With the remarkable growth of data that customers are experiencing, the demand to analyze and interact with data is the need of the hour. This is where Tableau’s range of products help in visually interacting with data to make critical decisions.

Some of the noteworthy offerings available in Tableau 2018.1 are:

Tableau Creator

  • It provides full analytical capabilities to data analysts, BI professionals, and other power users.
  • One can now take advantage of Tableau’s suite of products to uncover data insights in a fast and effective way
  • You can combine a range of products offered by Tableau for powerful data analytics on Web and Desktop.
  • The products included in the suite are Tableau Desktop (No additional cost required), Tableau Prep (data preparation tool to help customers ready their data for analysis), and a license for Tableau Server (to publish and share reports and dashboards).

Tableau Explorer

  • Perform governed self-service data analytics to analyze data quickly with ease
  • Collaborate with others based on governed data sources, create new dashboards, and get timely updates with new subscriptions and alerting.

Tableau Viewer  

  • This product enables you to extend the value of data across organizations in a cost-effective manner.
  • Better data-driven decisions by interacting with dashboards and reports created by others.
  • You will be able to view and filter dashboards, subscriptions, and data-driven alerts on mobile and Web.

In addition to the above products, they have also released Tableau Prep – a new data preparation application, an improved version of Tableau Desktop, and new web authoring capabilities.

These new tailored offerings allow people to leverage the power of data analytics in a way that is flexible, easy to wrap up, and simple to scale.

You can now migrate your existing Tableau Server and Desktop installations to the new features offered, in the Tableau 2018.1 release. Once you have done the migration procedure, administrators will be able to assign a specific option — Creator, Explorer, or Viewer — to each user in their organization, thus completing the transition process.

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