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TL;DR Our interns were phenomenal! Read on to find out why.

We’ve just wrapped up our latest intern cohort on the Angular team. Please believe me when I tell you that there are some outstanding folks out there and we were lucky enough to get to work with a few of them. Because of the ongoing pandemic Google internships were fully remote. We’re fortunate to have had some really special folks because they were outstanding.

Let’s take a look at the great work developed during this cohort on the Angular Team!

Better Paths for Learners

One of things we’re focused on with the team is making sure that the Angular learning journey works for experienced developers and new developers. Our wonderful intern on the DevRel team, Gloria, took this mission to heart. Gloria Nduka zeroed in on the friction of the learning path for new developers. She used those insights to not only help the team but also to create an interactive tutorial focused on helping developers new to Angular. The tutorial puts the output, code, and next steps in the same window allowing learners to reduce context switching.

Screenshot of the new tutorial tool that has the idea, rendered result and tutorial built in.

Gloria’s second project focused on reaching out to and partnering with computer science programs to expose more students to the platform. She was able to make some meaningful connections and we are excited to continue to this initiative.

Seeing Opportunities in the CDK

The Angular CDK is a wonderful resource aimed at abstracting common application behaviors and interactions. Andy Chrzaszcz saw an opportunity to add new functionality to menus and improve accessibility. He added some great new directives to the CDK that give developers an expressive way to build powerful menus for Angular apps!

The foundation set via his contributions will give developers the ability to build all types of menus with advanced interactions like sub-menus, intelligent menu closing and more. Developers will be able to craft menus that meet the application’s needs.

Example of the next context menu running in a demo app

A Combination of Great Things Popping Up

Presenting lists of data for user’s to select from is standard fare in web development. But how can the Angular CDK help with that? Niels Rasmussen gives us that answer with his project aimed at creating directives that provide a foundation for implementing complex combobox UI components.

Example of a combo box showing type ahead suggestions

Because the goal of the Angular CDK is to provide common behaviors, Niels’s solution follows suit for the list box and combo box gives developers the freedom to customize the presentation of the UI to their specific use cases. This brings much welcomed flexibility into the fold.

Thanks for Sharing Your Gifts With Us

Finally, we want to send an enthusiastic thank you and good luck to all of our interns as they finish up their undergraduate programs. We’ve seen the future in you and things are looking incredibly bright.

If you’d like to be an intern here at Google, we invite you to apply. The world needs your gifts and talents.

These projects will be released in future versions of the platform. Stay tuned for updates.

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