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Today, StackRox, a Kubernetes-native container security platform provider announced StackRox Kubernetes Security Platform 3.0. This release includes industry-first features for configuration and vulnerability management that enable businesses to achieve stronger protection of cloud-native, containerized applications.

In a press release, Wei Lien Dang, StackRox’s vice president of product, and co-founder said, “When it comes to Kubernetes security, new challenges related to vulnerabilities and misconfigurations continue to emerge.

DevOps and Security teams need solutions that quickly and easily solve these issues. StackRox 3.0 is the first container security platform with the capabilities orgs need to effectively deal with Kubernetes configurations and vulnerabilities, so they can reduce risk to what matters most – their applications and their customer’s data,” he added.

What’s new in StackRox Kubernetes Security Platform 3.0

Features for configuration management

  • Interactive dashboards: This will enable users to view risk-prioritized misconfigurations, easily drill-down to critical information about the misconfiguration, and determine relevant context required for effective remediation.
  • Kubernetes role-based access control (RBAC) assessment: StackRox will continuously monitor permission for users and service accounts to help mitigate against excessive privileges being granted.
  • Kubernetes secrets access monitoring: The platform will discover secrets in Kubernetes and monitor which deployments can use them to limit unnecessary access.
  • Kubernetes-specific policy enforcement: StackRox will identify configurations in Kubernetes related to network exposures, privileged containers, root processes, and other factors to determine policy violations.

Advanced vulnerability management capabilities

  • Interactive dashboards: StackRox Kubernetes Security Platform 3.0 has interactive views that provide risk prioritized snapshots across your environment, highlighting vulnerabilities in both, images and Kubernetes.
  • Discovery of Kubernetes vulnerabilities: The platform gives you visibility into critical vulnerabilities that exist in the Kubernetes platform including the ones related to the Kubernetes API server disclosed by the Kubernetes product security team.
  • Language-specific vulnerabilities: StackRox scans container images for additional vulnerabilities that are language-dependent, providing greater coverage across containerized applications. 

Along with the aforementioned features, StackRox Kubernetes Security Platform 3.0 adds support for various ecosystem platforms. These include CRI-O, the Open Container Initiative (OCI)-compliant implementation of the Kubernetes Container Runtime Interface (CRI), Google Anthos, Microsoft Teams integration, and more.

These were a few latest capabilities shipped in StackRox Kubernetes Security Platform 3.0. To know more, you can check out live demos and Q&A by the StackRox team at KubeCon 2019, which will be happening from November 18-21 in San Diego, California. It brings together adopters and technologists from leading open source and cloud-native communities.

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