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We’re currently in the middle of our Skill Up campaign, with all our titles at just $10 each!If you’re late to the party, Skill Up is your opportunity to get the knowledge and skills you need to become the developer you want to be in 2016 and beyond.

Along with the launch of our campaign we’ve also released our 2016 Skill Up report; you can download it here if you haven’t done so already, and in the report one particular piece of information really stood out to me – the link between salary and programming language used. Take a look at the graph below:

The one thing linking the top earning languages is the speed that each language is able to offer. Whether it’s SQL’s ease of fine tuning or C’s structured design created for simplicity, each is renowned for being faster than their peers and the alternatives. It should be no surprise that faster languages end up offering more pay. Scala’s ability to handle the stress of big data applications and still crunch data fast has made it one of, if not THE biggest programming languages for any big data related issue. Even Perl, a language that has fallen by the wayside in the eyes of many since 2005 is a speed machine, often beating Python 3 when it comes to everyday tasks leading it to carving out its own niche in finance, bioinformatics, and other specialized sectors.

The benefits for a company to hire those who can create are obvious – we all know how important it is to customers to have a fast product; those few seconds it takes to load can be the deciding factor as to whether your product is picked up or left in the dust. This is especially true for enterprise level applications or big data crunchers. If the solution you’re selling is too slow for the cost you’re offering then why should these customers stay with your product when there are so many potentially faster options on the market at a comparable price?

So this Skill Up, why not take the opportunity to speed up your applications? Whether it’s by laying the foundations for a completely new language (it’s never too late to change after all) or checking out how to streamline your current apps for better performance and speed, there’s no better time to ensure your programming skills are better than ever.

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