SpaceVim 1.0.0 released with improved error key bindings, better align feature and more

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Yesterday, the team at SpaceVim released the first stable version of SpaceVim v1.0.0, a distribution of the vim editor that manages collections of plugins in layers. This release comes with two major changes, :

  • The behavior of 2-LeftMouse in vimfiler has been changed.
  • The default font has been changed to SauceCodePro.

What’s new in SpaceVim v1.0.0?

This version comes with unicode spinners api. Layer option for autocomplete layer has been added. Function for customizing searching tools and Lang#scheme layer have been added. This release also comes with log for bootstrap function and updated runtime log for startup. Error key bindings and Spacevim debug info have been improved. This release comes with more key bindings for typescript. Even the align feature has been improved.

Major bug fixes

  • This release comes with Ctrlp support in windows.
  • Layers list and vimdoc command has been fixed in windows.
  • Statusline icon has been fixed.
  • The issue with comment paragraphs key bindings has been resolved now.
  • Missed syntax for detached FlyGrep has now been added.
  • Log has been added in this release for generating configuration file.
  • FlyGrep syntax has been improvedto support different outputs.

Few users are confused between SpaceVim and Neovim. Neovim is more than a rewrite of vim. Its main functionality is to provide a server that allows other editors to edit a buffer in response to keystrokes. Whereas SpaceVim is just a configuration of vim. Users are also not sure of the performance of SapceVim and they are comparing it with Spacemacs, a configuration framework for GNU Emacs.

To know more about this release in detail, visit SpaceVim release notes.

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