Sourcegraph, a code search, and navigation engine is now open source!

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The Sourcegraph team announced that they’re making Sourcegraph, a self-hosted code search and navigation engine, available as open source, earlier this week.

“We opened up Sourcegraph to bring code search and intelligence to more developers and developer ecosystems—and to help us realize the Sourcegraph master plan,” writes Quinn Slack on the announcement page.

This Sourcegraph master plan involves making basic code intelligence ubiquitous (for every language, and in every editor, code host, etc.). It wants to focus on making code review continuous and intelligent. Additionally, they also hope to increase the amount and quality of open-source code.

Sourcegraph comprises the following features:

  • Instant Code Search: Fast global code search with a hybrid backend. This combines a trigram index with in-memory streaming. You can search in files and diffs in your code by just using simple terms, regular expressions, and other filters.
  • Code intelligence: It offers code intelligence for many languages using the Language Server Protocol. It also makes browsing code and finding references on your code easier.
  • Data Center: Once you grow to hundreds or thousands of users and repositories, you can graduate from the single-server deployment to a highly scalable cluster using the Sourcegraph Data Center.
  • Integrations: It offers Integration with third-party developer tools via the Sourcegraph Extension API.

Organizations that are already using the Sourcegraph navigation engine can upgrade to Sourcegraph Enterprise (previously called Data Center) to get a hand on features that large organizations need such as single sign-on, backups, and recovery, cluster deployment, etc. However, these additional features that come with the Enterprise edition are paid and not open source.

“We’re also excited about what this means for Sourcegraph as a company. All of our customers, many with hundreds or thousands of developers using Sourcegraph internally every day, started out with a single developer spinning up a Sourcegraph instance and sharing it with their team. Being open-source makes it even easier to start using Sourcegraph in that way”, explained the announcement page.

For more information, check out the official announcement.

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