So, what is ForgedUI?

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ForgedUI is a Titanium Studio third-party WYSIWYG (what you see is what you get) module created with the aim to make cross-platform app development quicker and easier, by providing a visual environment and a drag-and-drop style interface. Even though Titanium generates multiple platform apps with a single codebase and facilitates the maintenance and management of mobile projects, it still lacks a design interface tool, and for this reason, ForgedUI comes to the market with the aim to improve what has been holding back a large portion of productivity gains on Titanium SDK. With a steep learning curve and a straightforward interface, Titanium developers are able to reduce app development time by visually designing their apps and get more time to concentrate on other aspects of the project. It doesn’t matter if you choose to go with iOS or Android, ForgedUI will give you a hand on screen design, and alongside Titanium Studio, generate the cross-platform code with one click.

The ForgedUI interface has common UI elements of the Android and iOS platforms and allows you to design with a simple drag-and-drop process instead of hand written code. This is how ForgedUI looks within Titanium Studio:

Once you are happy with your UI design, you can generate the Titanium JavaScript code through ForgedUI with just one click, and this code can be integrated into new or old projects. The generated code is stored in a separate resource file within the current Titanium project. ForgedUI allows you to specify parent-child relationships between compatible components and intelligently generates code that conforms to the required layout and relationship rules.

The key features of ForgedUI are as follows:

  • Visual graphical user interface (GUI) designer

  • Supports iPhone and Android (no Tablets) platform projects

  • One-click code generation

  • Seamless integration with Titanium Studio


This article has thus explained what ForgedUI is and how it makes cross-platform app development easier.

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