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The results are in. 4,731 developers and tech professionals have spoken. And we think you’ll find what they have to say pretty interesting.

From the key tools and trends that are disrupting and changing the industry, to learning patterns and triggers, this year’s report takes a bird’s eye view on what’s driving change and what’s impacting the lives of developers and tech pros around the globe in 2017.

Here’s the key findings – but download the report to make sure you get the full picture of your peers professional lives.

  • 60% of our respondents have either a ‘reasonable amount of choice’ or a significant ‘amount of choice’ over the tools they use at work – which means that understanding the stack and the best ways to manage it is a key part of any technology professionals knowledge.
  • 28% of respondents believe technical expertise is used either ‘poorly’ or ‘very poorly’ in their organization.
  • Almost half of respondents believe their manager has less technical knowledge than they do.
  • People who work in tech are time poor – 64% of respondents say time is the biggest barrier to their professional development
  • The Docker revolution is crossing disciplines, industries and boundaries – it’s a tool being learned by professionals across industries.
  • Python is the go-to language for a huge number of different job roles – from management to penetration testers.
  • 40% of respondents dedicate time to learning every day – a further 44% dedicate time once a week.
  • Young tech workers are keen to develop the skillset they need to build a career but can find it hard to find the right resources – they also say they lack motivation
  • Big data roles are among the highest paying in the software landscape – demonstrating that organizations are willing to pay big bucks for people with the knowledge and experience.
  • Tools like Kubernetes and Ansible are increasing in popularity – highlighting that DevOps is becoming a methodology – or philosophy – that organizations are starting to adopt.

That’s not everything – but it should give you a flavour of the topics that this year’s report touches on.

Download this year’s Skill Up report here.


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