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SingularityNET to collaborate with Mindfire to team up their best talents and work on something similar to Mindfire Mission 1. The mission was dedicated to “cracking the brain code”, to understand more about how the human brain works. They hope to combine their talents and work on AI services, education and also towards combining their blockchain tokens.

SingularityNET is an AI solution platform powered by a decentralized protocol that lets anyone create, share, and monetize on its AI services. Mindfire is focused on understanding the building blocks of AI which forms a human level intelligence.

Mindfire believes “The partnership between SingularityNET and the Mindfire Foundation will grow the talent pool of both entities and increase the productivity not only of AI services but also of the number of relevant insights in human-level artificial intelligence.

Together they plan to target three key areas:

  • Talent: Choose the best talents, leading minds from the pool in different AI disciplines
  • AI services: This focuses on building a decentralized hub for AI services where the talents from Mindfire can work on and use SingularityNET’s platform
  • AI education: Implementing practical courses and lectures in AI and its business applications and opportunities

Ben Goertzel, founder of SingularityNET says, “The SingularityNET decentralized AI platform is open to any possible approach to AI or any complex systems”.

Even though Ben’s approach is less “brain-focused” unlike Mindfire, he believes there is great potential for collaboration.

Mindfire with SingularityNET has launched a call for applications for their successive missions, Mission-2 and Mission-3. These missions focus on prototype development including drones, robots, and other carrier systems for AI. Mission-2 is planned for November 11-16, 2018. There are 10 planned missions to come. Head on to their website to learn more and apply!

Mindfire also announced the publication of a completely revised white paper, that is set for release on August 15, 2018. The revised white paper will detail the key functionality of the ERC20 protocol based token, MFT. It will also elaborate on Mindfire’s business model and outline the Mindfire token sale including a reward campaign.

SingularityNET tweeted on July 31:

Mindfire’s talents can collaborate to create applications or products on the SingularityNET platform and leverage it. There’s also potential for SingularityNET to connect Mindfire with people building applications or doing research. SingularityNET can direct various AI problem areas at Mindfires talent.

Ben believes they may be able to build mechanisms where the AGI token of SingularityNET can convert automatically to Mindfire’s MFT Token. The focus here is on the exchangeability of these tokens to promote the development of SingularityNET’s decentralized protocol. This is a future area of collaboration that can lead to a two way incentivization benefiting both companies.

You can view Ben, CEO and Chief Scientist of SingularityNET express his collaborative visions in this YouTube video.

To know more visit the official Mindfire blog.

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