Setting Up the iReport Pages

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Configuring the page format

We can follow the listed steps for setting up report pages:

  1. Open the report List of Products.
  2. Go to menu Window | Report Inspector. The following window will appear on the left side of the report designer:
  3. iReport 3.7

  4. Select the report List of Products, right-click on it, and choose Page Format….
  5. iReport 3.7

  6. The Page format… dialog box will appear, select A4 from the Format drop-down list, and select Portrait from the Page orientation section.
  7. iReport 3.7

  8. You can modify the page margins if you need to, or leave it as it is to have the default margins. For our report, you need not change the margins.
  9. Press OK.

Page size

You have seen that there are many preset sizes/formats for the report, such as Custom, Letter, Note, Legal, A0 to A10, B0 to B5, and so on. You will choose the appropriate one based on your requirements. We have chosen A4. If the number of columns is too high to fit in Portrait, then choose the Landscape orientation.

If you change the preset sizes, the report elements (title, column heading, fields, or other elements) will not be positioned automatically according to the new page size. You have to position each element manually. So be careful if you decide to change the page size.

Configuring properties

We can modify the default settings of report properties in the following way:

  1. Right-click on List of Products and choose Properties.
  2. iReport 3.7

  3. We can configure many important report properties from the Properties window.

iReport 3.7

You can see that there are many options here. You can change the Report name, Page size, Margins, Columns, and more. We have already learnt about setting up pages, so now our concern is to learn about some of the other (More…) options.


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