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Scrivito, a SaaS-based Content Management Service, launched a new breed of cloud-based serverless JavaScript CMS which is specifically targeted towards medium to large sized businesses.

While the world is shifting to cutting-edge cloud technology, web CMS platforms are still stuck in the past. Thomas Witt, Co-Founder, and CTO of Scrivito said that “We’re at a tipping point. Agencies and dev teams that stick with WordPress and the like are doomed to be overtaken by the inevitable shift to serverless computing and JavaScript development.

Scrivito checks the boxes for key trending tech innovations in the web development space. Serverless? Yes. Cloud native? Yes. So what’s unique about this cutting-edge content management interface and how exactly does it differentiate itself from the other traditional CMS?

Scrivito requires zero maintenance thanks to the cloud

This is the most unique feature of Scrivito. Since it is a cloud-based service, it allows developers to spin up a CMS instance without having to re-install anything or reconfigure databases, search engine indexing, backups or metadata. This leads to no downtime, no software patches, and minimal maintenance efforts.

Component reusability powered by ReactJS

Scrivito is powered by Facebook’s popular frontend framework-React. Thanks to its reusable UI components and its flexibility, developers can create complex and interactive functionalities such as configurators or multi-page forms with ease. Not only built for developers, it also makes it easier for agencies and marketing teams to build, edit and manage secure, reliable and cost-effective sites, microsites, and landing pages.

Scrivito is extendable

Scrivito is easily extendable because it doesn’t require any infrastructure. Developers and editors can create their own widgets and data structures on the fly. Due to its unique working copies technology, it brings version control technologies from software development to the CMS world, thus eliminating the need for a staging server and allowing parallel editing of content across teams. Plus, its API-driven approach provides the benefits of a serverless and a headless CMS together with WYSIWYG editing in a single solution.

Scrivito has certainly ignited a revolution in the web development space by introducing serverless technologies to CMS applications. It is available at different price points for personal and enterprise users.

To know more about other features and pricing options, check out the project’s official webpage.

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