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School of Code is a company on a mission to help more people benefit from technology. And Packt are delighted to support the initiative. Empowering people to master code and feel confident developing software is central to Packt’s mission, so it is fantastic to partner with an organization doing just that in the West Midlands. 

We were lucky enough to speak to Nazia Choudrey who has been involved with the School of Code bootcamp. She told us about her experience with the initiative, and her perspective on what tech is like today for women and people of color. 

Packt: Hi Nazia! Tell us a little about yourself.

Nazia Choudrey: I am a person who is trying to re-invent myself. Just over a year ago I walked away from my so-called life to start afresh. I am not a person who looks back or has regrets, because everything that has happened is what has made me the person I am today – a person who has no fears and who is willing to try new things.

 What were you doing before you enrolled for School of Code and what made you want to sign up?

I was a probation court officer for 8 years, where I dealt with the day to day running of things especially focused on breaches. Even though I was on a computer every day I knew very little about how they worked, and more importantly, why they crashed on me. I guess that pursuit is what lead me to school of Code.

What are you looking to gain from studying at School of Code in the long run?

I’m looking to make computers my friend and, to be honest, to make a career in coding. With these new-found skills, I’ll hopefully be able to help others, develop products and software to help others gain a good standard of living which we are all entitled to.

Do you think there is a diversity issue in the tech sector? Has it affected you in any way?

I do think there is a diversity issue, as when most think about tech, they think of a white male person, an introvert, not a female from a minority group. Even I had that impression and therefore thought that this sector was not for me, but then I love to challenge sterotypes. I thought why not, let’s give it a try as I have nothing to lose.

Why do you think making technology accessible to all is important?

This is very important as, technology is taking over the world. Within the next 10-15 years all the jobs will be in this sector. Therefore, we all need to be ready to accept tech beyond our everyday lives.

What do you think the future looks like for people working in the tech industry? Will larger companies strive to diversify their workforce, and, why should they?

I think there is a bright future for people in the tech industry, I also think that all jobs will have some sort of tech that is needed. So therefore, this will need to be a diverse place where people from all sectors of life can come together. If large companies don’t strive to be diverse they will be losing out on a large resource of social skills, of soft skills that diverse people can bring to the work place, putting them in positions to be global companies.

School of Code encourages the honing of soft skills through networking, team work and project management. Do you think these skills are vital for the future of the Tech industry and attracting a new generation, shaking off the stereotype that all coders are solitary beings? Why?

SoC helps and encourages people to work as a team, without the rat race to the finish.

Find out more about School of Code

 Download some of the books the Bootcampers found useful during the course:

  • Thinking in HTML
  • Thinking in CSS
  • Thinking in JS series 
  • MEAN Web Development
  • React and React Native
  • Responsive Web Design


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