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SatPy is a python library used for reading and manipulating meteorological remote sensing data and writing them to various image/data file formats. Last week, the team at Pytroll announced the release of SatPy 0.10.0. SatPy is responsible for making RGB composites directly from satellite instrument channel data or from higher level processing output. It also  makes data loading, manipulating, and analysis easy.

Features of SatPy 0.10.0

  • This version comes with two luminance sharpening compositors, LuminanceSharpeninCompositor and SandwichCompositor. The LuminanceSharpeninCompositor replaces the luminance via RGB. The SandwichCompositor multiplies the RGB channels with the reflectance.
  • SatPy 0.10.0 comes with check_satpy function for finding missing dependencies.
  • This version also allows writers to create output directories in case, they don’t exist.
  • In case of multiple matches, SatPy 0.10.0 helps in improving the handling of dependency loading.
  • This version also supports the new olci l2 datasets used for olci l2 reader. Olci is used for ocean and land processing.
  • Since yaml is the new format for area definitions in SatPy 0.10.0, areas.def has been replaced with areas.yaml
  • In SatPy 0.10.0, filenames are used as strings by File handlers.
  • This version also allows readers to accept pathlib.Path instances as filenames.
  • With this version, it is easier to configure in-line composites.
  • A README document has been added to the setup.py description.

Resolved issues in SatPy 0.10.0

  • The issue with resampling a user-defined scene has been  resolved.
  • Native resampler now works with DataArrays.
  • It is now possible to review subclasses of BaseFileHander.
  • Readthedocs builds are now working.
  • Custom string formatter has been added in this version for lower/upper support.
  • The inconsistent units of geostationary radiances have been resolved.

Major Bug Fixes

  • A discrete data type now gets preserved through resampling.
  • Native resampling has been fixed.
  • The slstr reader has been fixed for consistency.
  • Masking in DayNightCompositor has been fixed.
  • The problem with attributes not getting preserved while adding overlays or decorations has now been fixed.

To know more about this news, check out the official release notes.

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