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Microsoft stated that its recent addition, SAP Cloud Platform is now generally on its Azure Platform.

The SAP cloud platform enables developers to build SAP applications and extensions using PaaS development platform along with integrated services. With the SAP platform becoming generally available, developers can now deploy Cloud Foundry-based SAP Cloud Platform on Azure. This is currently available in the West Europe region and Microsoft is working with SAP to enable more regions to use it in the months to come.

With SAP HANA’s availability on Microsoft Azure, one can expect:

Largest SAP HANA optimized VM size in the cloud

Microsoft would be soon launching an Azure-M series, which will support large memory virtual machines with sizes up to 12 TB, which would be based on Intel Xeon Scalable (Skylake) processors and will offer the most memory available of any VM in the public cloud. The M series will help customers to push the limits of virtualization in the cloud for SAP HANA.

Availability of a range of SAP HANA certified VMs

For customers who wish to use small instances, Microsoft also offers smaller M-series VM sizes. These range from 192 GB – 4 TB with 10 different VM sizes and extend Azure’s SAP HANA certified M-series VM. These smaller M-series offer on-demand and SAP certified instances with a flexibility to spin-up or scale-up in less time. It also offers instances to spin-down to save costs within a pay-as-you-go model available worldwide. Such a flexibility and agility is not possible with a private cloud or on-premises SAP HANA deployment.

24 TB bare-metal instance and optimized price per TB

For customers that need a higher performance dedicated offering for SAP HANA, Microsoft now offers additional SAP HANA TDIv5 options of 6 TB, 12 TB, 18 TB, and 24 TB configurations in addition to their current configurations from 0.7TB to 20 TB. For customers who require more memory but the same number of cores, these configurations enable them to get a better price per TB deployed.

A lot more options for SAP HANA in the cloud

SAP HANA has 26 distinct offerings from 192 GB to 24 TB, scale-up certification up to 20 TB and scale-out certification up to 60 TB. It offers global availability in 12 regions with plans to increase to 22 regions in the next 6 months, Azure now offers the most choice for SAP HANA workloads of any public cloud.

Microsoft Azure also enables customers,

  • To extract insights and analytics from SAP data with services such as Azure Data Factory SAP HANA connector to automate data pipelines
  • Azure Data Lake Store for hyper-scale data storage and Power BI
  • An industry leading self-service visualization tool, to create rich dashboards and reports from SAP ERP data.

Read more about this news about SAP Cloud Platform on Azure, on Microsoft Azure blog.

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