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This year’s Dreamforce conference has started rather big. The Einstein machine learning platform has been updated with new predictive insights and chatbot capabilities. In ways that could truly make AI and deep learning more accessible to developers.

The latest iteration, Salesforce myEinstein, allows users of all skill levels to now develop custom AI apps “with clicks, without being a data scientist.”

The tool has two new services: Einstein Prediction Builder and Einstein Bots. Einstein Prediction Builder enables automatic creation of custom AI models that can forecast outcomes for any field or object in Salesforce. Whereas, with Einstein Bots developers and admins can use a point-and-click interface to build custom chatbots. It is a service which can be trained to augment customer service workflows by automating tasks such as answering questions and retrieving information.

“We are further democratizing AI by empowering admins and developers to transform every process and customer interaction to be more intelligent with myEinstein,” Salesforce GM and SVP John Ball said. “No other company is arming customers with both pre-built AI apps for CRM and the ability to build and customise their own with just clicks.”

As far as business processes are concerned, it’s high time that employees are freed from one-size-fits-all tools, and more importantly, the repetitive tasks that take up their days. But to this date, companies have always been hindered by the infrastructure costs, lack of expertise and the resources required to optimize their workflow with AI.

This is where Salesforce myEinstein is a remarkable announcement. With myEinstein, the employees who are actually managing and driving business processes have the power to build and customize AI apps to fit their specific needs, paving the way for everyone to be smarter and more productive in the process.

So how does myEinstein works with ‘simple clicks’ after all? The declarative setup guide walks users through building, training and deploying AI models using structured and unstructured Salesforce data. The service automates the model building and data scoring process and custom predictive models and bots can then be easily embedded directly into Salesforce workflows. Models and bots automatically learn and improve as they’re used, delivering accurate, personalized recommendations and predictions in the context of business.

Both the tools, Einstein Prediction Builder as well as Einstein Bots, are currently in pilot and will be generally available in summer of 2018. Salesforce said pricing for each Einstein feature varies as some are already covered under the existing license while others require additional charges.

It’s to be seen as to what extent Salesforce manages to reduce the complexity with creating bots and bring an element of underlying intelligence, but as the firm’s vice president Jim Sinai said, myEinstein is “automating data science under the hood.”

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