Safari Technology Preview 71 releases with improvements in Dark Mode, Web Inspector, WebRTC, and more!

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Yesterday, the WebKit team announced that Safari Technology Preview 71 is now available for macOS Mojave and macOS High Sierra. This version comes with improvements in Dark Mode, Web Inspector, WebRTC, and more. Apple introduced Safari Technology Preview to give users an early look at the upcoming new features in Safari and to get their feedback.

Following are some of the updates in Safari Technology Preview 71:

Dark Mode

  • Dark Mode CSS Support is enabled by default in the Experimental Features menu
  • Forcing color scheme in the Elements tab of Web Inspector is supported
  • The media query matching of prefers-color-scheme now better matches the draft spec
  • An experimental CSS property is added called supported-color-schemes

Web Inspector

  • Support is added for the tab bar to automatically add a new Audit tab for running page audits when enabled in Web Inspector Experimental settings.
  • Default tests are added to the Audit tab
  • Support is added for the copy keyboard shortcut and context menu to the Cookies table
  • Drag-and-drop support for importing Audits in the Audits tab and Recording in the Canvas tab
  • Secure certificate details per-request in the Network tab is added
  • A button is added to show the system certificate dialog in the Network tab


  • For an iframe to use getDisplayMedia, iframe allow=”display” is required
  • Support for RTCRtpCodecParameters.sdpFmtpLine, transportStats, and peerConnectionStats is added
  • Enabled setting RTCRtpTransceiver.direction


  • Compositing updates are now incremental
  • Support is added for dynamic pseudo-classes on elements with display: contents
  • Previously, the caret was disappearing at the end of a password field when the caps lock indicator was shown. This is fixed.


  • Phantom focus events and blur events firing when clicking between text input fields with addEventListener is fixed
  • Content-Type parameter values now allow empty quoted strings
  • The CSS Painting API is updated to allow passing size, arguments, and input properties to the paint callback

You can read more updates on Apple’s website.

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