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After the release of RxDB 8.0.0-beta.1 earlier this month, the RxDB community released RxDB 8.0.0 yesterday. The focus of this release is better defaults and improved performance with broadcast-channel for communication. RxDB is a reactive, offline-first, multiplatform database for JavaScript.

What’s new in RxDB 8.0.0?

Breaking changes

  • RxDB has upgraded to pouchdb 7.0.0, its latest version
  • As disableKeyCompression was not used by many users, it is now disabled by default and has been renamed as keyCompression
  • RxDatabase.collection() now only takes the json-schema as schema-attribute
  • In order to comply with the json-schema-standard, it is not allowed to set the required fields using required: true, instead you can use required: [‘myfield’]
  • Setters and save() are no more allowed on non-temporary documents. To change document-data, use RxDocument.atomicUpdate(), RxDocument.atomicSet(), or RxDocument.update().
  • The document methods, RxDocument.synced$ and RxDocument.resync() are removed
  • middleware-hooks contain plain json as first parameter and RxDocument as second
  • You can now set QueryChangeDetection by adding the boolean field queryChangeDetection: true when creating the database

Additional Improvements

  • RxDocument.atomicSet()
  • RxCollection.awaitPersistence()
  • Option for CORS to server-plugin
  • All methods of RxDocument are bound to the instance
  • Added RxReplicationState.denied$, which emits when a document failed to replicate
  • Added RxReplicationState.alive$, which emits true or false depending if the replication is alive – data is transmitting properly between databases

Miscellaneous changes

To read the full list of changes, check out RxDB’s GitHub repository.

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