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The Rust Language Server 0.130.5 announces its first 1.0 release candidate. The 1.0 release is available on the nightly and beta version and will be available with stable Rust version from 3rd September this year.

RLS 1.0 will be able to handle most small and medium sized projects with certain limitations and improvements. Major highlights of this release are syntax highlighting, syntactic code completion and code intelligence.To easily install RLS you can install an extension of your favorite editor, for example:

  1. Visual Studio Code
  2. Atom
  3. Sublime Text
  4. Eclipse

What’s new in RLS 1.0 release

Syntax highlighting

Each editor does its own syntax highlighting

Code completion

Code completion is syntactic, performed by Racer. Because it is syntactic there are many instances where it is incomplete or incorrect.

Errors and warnings

Errors and other diagnostics are displayed inline. Exactly how the errors are presented depends on the editor.


By Rustfmt (which is also at the 1.0 release candidate stage).


Clippy is installed as part of the RLS. You can turn it on with a setting in your editor or with the usual crate attribute.

Code intelligence

The RLS can do the following:

  • type and docs on hover
  • goto definition
  • find all references
  • find all implementations for traits and concrete types
  • find all symbols in the file/project
  • renaming (this will not work where a renaming would cause an error, such as where the field initialisation syntax is used)
  • change glob imports to list imports

For more information visit the release notes page.

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