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It’s not acknowledged enough that the real headache when it comes to software faults and performance problems isn’t so much the problems themselves, but instead the process of actually identifying those problems. Sure, problems might slow you down, but wading though your application code to actually understand what’s happened can sometimes grind engineering teams to a halt.

For enterprise engineering teams, this can be particularly fatal. Agility is hard enough when you’re dealing with complex applications and the burden of legacy software; but when things go wrong, any notion of velocity can be summarily discarded to the trashcan.

However, a new partnership between debugging platform Rookout and APM company AppDynamics, announced at AppDynamics’ Transform 2020 event, might just change that. The two organizations have teamed up, with Rookout’s impressive debugging capabilities now available to AppDynamics customers in the form of a new product called Deep Code Insights.

AppDynamics Deep Code Insights screenshot
Live debugging of an application in production in Deep Code Insights









What is Deep Code Insights?

Deep Code Insights is a new product for AppDynamics customers that combines the live-code debugging capabilities offered by Rookout with AppDynamic’s APM platform.

The advantage for developers could be substantial. Jerrie Pineda, Enterprise Software Architect at Maverik says that “Rookout helps me get the debugging data I need in seconds instead of waiting for several hours.” This means, he explains, “[Maverik’s] mean time to resolution (MTTR) for most issues is slashed up to 80%.”

What does Deep Code Insights mean for AppDynamics?

For AppDynamics, Deep Code Insights allows the organization to go one step further in its mission to “make it easier for businesses to understand their own software.” At least that’s how AppDynamics’ VP of corporate development and strategy at Kevin Wagner puts it. “Together [with Rookout], we are narrowing the gaps between indicating a code-related problem impacting performance, pinpointing the direct issue within the line of code, and deploying a solution quickly for a seamless customer experience,” he says.

What does Deep Code Insights mean for Rookout?

For Rookout, meanwhile, the partnership with AppDynamics is a great way for the company to reach out to a wider audience of users working at large enterprise organizations.

The company received $8,000,000 in Series A funding back in August. This has provided a solid platform on which it is clearly looking to build and grow.

Rookout’s Co-Founder and CEO Or Weis describes the partnership as “obvious.”

“We want to bring the next-gen developer workflow to enterprise customers and help them increase product velocity,” he says.

Learn more about Rookout: www.rookout.com

Learn more about AppDynamics: www.appdynamics.com


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