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WordPress had a phenomenal year. Our research showed downloads up over 100% and pageviews for the project site up nearly 200%. Publishing and developer support also increased dramatically since the 2009 Report,” notes lead analyst Ric Shreves. “While many of the other systems had good years, they were simply outpaced by the strides made by the WordPress CMS.”

Though PHP-based systems remain the populist choice, the survey placed two .NET and three Java systems in the Top 20. DotNetNuke remained the market leader in the .NET space. Liferay leads the Java market for the first time this year, with Alfresco trailing closely behind.

The findings in this year’s report were based on an open survey of more than 5,000 CMS users, together with research into a wide variety of measures of market share and brand strength. “In addition to having a much larger survey set this year, the Report benefits significantly from the historical data we’ve accumulated across the last three years, allowing us to place the trends into context and reach more meaningful conclusions,” adds Shreves.

The Open Source CMS Market Share Report was launched in 2008 by digital agency water&stone. The Report is non-commercial and released under an open license. Since its inception, the Open Source CMS Market Share Report has become the industry standard for purpose of defining market share and adoption rates in the open source content management system market.

>> You can download a copy of the 2009 Open Source CMS Market Share Report from http://www.waterandstone.com/book/2010-open-source-cms-market-share-report


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