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Mike Fikes, the creator of Replete, a ClojureScript REPL for iOS and Android, announced last month that Replete 2.0 has been updated with ClojureScript 1.10.516.

Replete 2.0 offers a full-featured REPL environment, ideal for ClojureScript language learning.  Replete 2.0 is a new flagship version that includes an Android application along with a handful of other functions. Replete 2.0 introduces file & network IO via replete.core, replete.io and replete.http namespaces.

Replete depends on the ability of ClojureScript to self-host, and thus always essentially carry its compiler with it. Replete iOS was one of the first applications that used self-hosted ClojureScript. Replete was then ported to Android, just recently, states Fikes on Hacker Rank.

Fikes had also tweeted earlier in January this year, stating that he wanted help from people who can test the beta version of Replete 2.0.

Moreover, with Replete 2.0, users can now send text to Replete via a URL from other apps for evaluation as the ‘generic hooks’ still exist. In fact, there used to be an iOS app called Lisping earlier that allowed you to edit text and then send it to Replete for evaluation.

Fikes further stated that he only uses Lisping and Replete for ‘quick checks of things’ (observing what a particular form might evaluate to, checking a docstring, etc). “I’ve never really used Replete for any heavy development”, states Fikes.  

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