Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7.5 (RHEL 7.5) now generally available

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Red Hat recently announced that its latest enterprise distribution, Red Hat Enterprise linux version 7.5 (RHEL 7.5) is now generally available. This release aims at simplifying hybrid computing. The RHEL 7.5 is packed with multiple features for the server administrators and developers.

New features in the RHEL 7.5

RHEL 7.5 provides support for Network Bound Disk Encrypted (NBDE) devices, new Red Hat cluster management capabilities, and compliance management features.

Enhancements to the cockpit administrator console. Cockpit provides a simplified web interface to help eliminate complexities around Linux system administration. This makes it easier for new administrators, or administrators moving over from non-Linux systems, to better understand the health and status of their operations.

Helps cut down storage costs by providing improved compliance controls and security, enhanced usability, and tools to cut down storage costs.

Better Integration with Microsoft Windows infrastructure both in Microsoft Azure and on-premise. This includes improved management and communication with Windows Server, more secure data transfers with Azure, and performance improvements when used within Active Directory architectures. If one wishes to use both RHEL and Windows for their network, RHEL 7.5 serves this purpose.

Delivers improved software security controls to alleviate risk while also augmenting IT operations. A significant component of these controls is security automation via the integration of OpenSCAP with Red Hat Ansible Automation. This is aimed at facilitating the development of Ansible Playbooks straight from OpenSCAP scans which, in turn, can be leveraged to execute remediations more consistently and quickly across a hybrid IT environment.

Provides high availability support for enterprise applications running on Amazon Web Services or Microsoft Azure with Pacemaker support in public clouds via the Red Hat High Availability Add-On and Red Hat Enterprise Linux for SAP® Solutions.

To know more about this release in detail read Red Hat official blog.

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