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Red Hat acquires Israeli multi-cloud storage software company, NooBaa

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On Tuesday, Red Hat announced that it has acquired an Israel-based multi-cloud storage software company NooBaa. This is Red Hat’s first acquisition since it was acquired by IBM in October. However, this acquisition is not subject to IBM’s approval as Red Hat’s acquisition process by IBM stands incomplete.

Early this month, Red Hat CEO Jim Whitehurst said, “Until the transaction closes, it is business as usual. For example, equity practices will continue until the close of the transaction, Red Hat M&A will continue as normal, and our product roadmap remains the same.”

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NooBaa, founded in 2013, addresses the need for greater visibility and control over unstructured data spread throughout the distributed environments. The company also developed a data platform designed to serve as an abstraction layer over existing storage infrastructure. This abstraction not only enables data portability from one cloud to another but allows users to manage data stored in multiple locations as a single, coherent data set that an application can interact with.

NooBaa’s technologies complement and enhance Red Hat’s portfolio of hybrid cloud technologies, including Red Hat OpenShift Container Platform, Red Hat OpenShift Container Storage and Red Hat Ceph Storage. Together, these technologies are designed to provide users with a set of powerful, consistent and cohesive capabilities for managing application, compute, storage and data resources across public and private infrastructures.

Ranga Rangachari, VP and GM of Red Hat’s storage and hyper-converged infrastructure said, “Data portability is a key imperative for organizations building and deploying cloud-native applications across private and multiple clouds. NooBaa’s technologies will augment our portfolio and strengthen our ability to meet the needs of developers in today’s hybrid and multi-cloud world. We are thrilled to welcome a technical team of nine to the Red Hat family as we work together to further solidify Red Hat as a leading provider of open hybrid cloud technologies.”

He further added, “By abstracting the underlying cloud storage infrastructure for developers, NooBaa provides a common set of interfaces and advanced data services for cloud-native applications. Developers can also read and write to a single consistent endpoint without worrying about the underlying storage infrastructure.”

To know more about this news in detail, head over to RedHat’s official announcement.

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