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React announced its monthly release yesterday, React 16.5.0. In this release they have improved warning messages, added support for React DevTools Profiler in React DOM, and done some bug fixes.

Updates in React

  • A Dev warning is shown if React.forwardRef render function doesn’t take exactly two arguments.
  • A more improved message is shown if someone passes an element to createElement by mistake.
  • The onRender function will be called after mutations and commitTime reflects pre-mutation time.

Updates in React DOM

New additions

  • Support for React DevTools Profiler is added.
  • The react-dom/profiling entry point is added for profiling in production.
  • The onAuxClick event is added for browsers that support it.
  • The movementX and movementY fields are added to mouse events.
  • The tangentialPressure and twist fields are added to pointer events.
  • Support for passing booleans to the focusable SVG attribute.


  • Improved component stack for the folder/index.js naming convention.
  • Improved warning when using getDerivedStateFromProps without initialized state.
  • Improved invalid textarea usage warning.
  • Electrons <webview> tag are now allowed without warnings.

Bug fixes

  • Fixed incorrect data in compositionend event when typing Korean on IE11.
  • Avoid setting empty values on submit and reset buttons.
  • The onSelect event not being triggered after drag and drop.
  • The onClick event not working inside a portal on iOS.
  • A performance issue when thousands of roots are re-rendered.
  • gridArea will be treated as a unitless CSS property.
  • The checked attribute is not getting initially set on the input.
  • A crash when using dynamic children in the option tag.

Updates in React DOM Server

  • A crash is fixed that happens during server render in react 16.4.1
  • Fixes a crash when setTimeout is missing
  • This release fixes a crash with nullish children when using dangerouslySetInnerHtml in a selected option.

Updates in React Test Renderer and Test Utils

  • A Jest-specific ReactTestUtils.mockComponent() helper is now deprecated.
  • A warning is shown when a React DOM portal is passed to ReactTestRenderer.
  • Improvements in TestUtils error messages for bad first argument.

Updates in React ART

  • Support for DevTools is added

New package for scheduling (experimental)

The ReactDOMFrameScheduling module will be pulled out in a separate package for cooperatively scheduling work in a browser environment. It’s used by React internally, but its public API is not finalized yet.

To see the complete list of updates in React 16.5.0, head over to their GitHub repository.

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