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Rackspace recently announced the launch of its Kubernetes-as-a-Service offering which would be  implemented to its private cloud clients worldwide, this month. It claims this service would be soon coming to public cloud later this year.

Rackspace, which is a managed-cloud computing company, revealed that it will fully operate and manage the Kubernetes deployment, including the infrastructure. It also claimed that users can save up to 50% when compared to other open source system deployments.

So, if you are looking at automating deployments, scaling, and managing containerized applications then, Kubernetes is your open-source option. It is the most efficient way of running online software across a vast range of machines. Kubernetes is becoming a leading player in cloud container orchestration, where bigger players like Microsoft Azure and Cisco have started adopting its services. Not all businesses comply with the internal resources and expertise needed to effectively manage a Kubernetes environment on their own.

By delivering a fully managed Kubernetes-as-a-Service, Rackspace allows organizations to focus more on building and running their applications. With the new service, Rackspace delivers an enhanced level of ongoing operations management and support for the entire technology stack. This support ranges from the hardware to the Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) to Kubernetes.

Rackspace also claims that the key benefits of this offering include

  • Support for operations such as
    • Updates,
    • Upgrades,
    • Patching and security hardening, and
    • The ability to use a single platform to deploy Kubernetes clusters across private and public clouds.
  • Ensures that a customer always has access to an entire team of specialists 24*7*365
  • Rackspace experts fully validate and inspect each component of the service, provide static container scanning and enable customers to restrict user access to the environment.

This is just an overview of Rackspace’s  extended support to Kubernetes-as-a-Service. You can know more about this new offering from the Rackspace blog.

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