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The R Core Team released R 3.5.3, last week. R 3.5.3 explores bug fixes to the functions writeLines, setClassUnion, and stopifnot. R 3.5.3 is a minor release and does not consist of many new changes or improvements.

What’s new in R 3.5.3?

  • Detection of flags has been improved for C++ 98/11/14/17.
  • There’s a new macro ‘F_VISIBILITY’ chosen as an alternative for ‘F77_VISIBILITY’. This new macro will now become the preferred form in R 3.6.0.
  • The issue in writeLines (readLines (fnam), fnam) has been fixed. It now works as expected.
  • setClassUnion () no longer sends warnings to its users. It instead uses message() on encountering “non local” subclasses in class members.
  • The failure issue in stopifnot (exprs = T) has been fixed.

R team usually use the release names that are in references to Peanuts strips/films. The code-name for this release ( R 3.5.3) has been selected as “Great Truth” by the R team, which left its users with a bit of a mystery. R core team also gave a hint to its users, saying that the clue is in the date of the release i.e. 11th March 2019.

The code-name has been debunked, with one user tweeting out the reference in one of the Peanuts strips:

For more information, check out the official R 3.5.3 release notes.

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