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Quantum computing uses quantum mechanics in quantum computers to solve a diverse set of complex problems. It uses qubits to store information in parallel dimensions. Quantum computers can work through a solution involving large parameters with far fewer operations than a standard computer.

What is so special about Quantum Computing?

As they have potential to work through and solve complex problems of tomorrow, research and work on this area is attracting funding from everywhere. But these computers need a lot of physical space right now, kind of like the very first computers in the twentieth century. Quantum computers also pose a security threat since they are good at calculating large items/numbers. Quantum encryption anyone?

Quantum computing is even available on the Cloud from different companies. There is even a dedicated language called Q# by Microsoft. Using concepts like entanglement to speed up computation, quantum computing can solve complex problems and is a tricky one, but I call it a treat. What about the security threat? Well, Dr. Alan Turing built a better computer to decrypt messages from another machine, we’ll let you think now.

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