Qt for Python 5.12 released with PySide2, Qt GUI and more

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Last week, Qt introduced Qt for Python 5.12, an official set of Python bindings for Qt, used for simplifying the creation of innovative and immersive user interfaces for Python applications. With Qt for Python 5.12, it is possible to quickly visualize the massive amounts of data tied to their Python development projects.

Qt for Python 5.12 comes with a cross-platform environment for all development needs. Qt’s user interface development framework features APIs and expansive graphics libraries. Qt for Python 5.12 provides the developers with a user-friendly platform. It is fully supported by the Qt Professional Services team of development experts and practitioners, as well as Qt’s global community.

Lars Knoll, CTO of Qt, said, “Considering the huge data sets that Python developers work with on a daily basis, Qt’s graphical capabilities makes it a perfect fit for the creation of immersive Python user interfaces. With Qt for Python 5.12, our customers can build those user interfaces faster and more easily than ever before – with the knowledge that they are backed by a global team of Qt and user interface experts.”

Features of Qt for Python 5.12


Qt comes with a C++ framework, combined with the PySide2 Python module that offers a comprehensive set of bindings between Python and Qt

Qt GUI Creation

Qt Graphical User Interface (GUI) creation consists of the following functional modules:

  • Qt Widgets: The Qt Widgets Module comes with a set of user interface elements for creating classic desktop-style user interfaces.
  • Qt Quick: The Qt Quick module, a standard library for writing QML applications, contains Quick Controls for creating fluid user interfaces.
  • Qt QML: The Qt QML module features a framework for developing applications and libraries with the QML language, a declarative language that allows user interfaces to be described in terms of their visual components.
  • Environment familiarity: Qt for Python 5.12 comes with a familiar development environment for Python developers.
  • PyPI: Python Package Index (PyPI) makes the installation process of Qt for Python 5.12 easy.
  • VFX Reference Platform integration: Qt and Qt for Python 5.12 are integral parts of the VFX Reference Platform, a set of tool and library versions used for building software for the VFX industry.
  • Qt 3D Animation: The Qt 3D animation module features a set of prebuilt elements to help developers get started with Qt 3D.
  • Qt Sql: It provides a driver layer, SQL API layer, and a user interface layer for SQL databases.
  • Qt for Python 5.12 is available under commercial licensing, as part of the products Qt for Application Development and Qt for Device Creation, and as open-source under the LGPLv3 license.
  • Qt TextToSpeech: It provides an API for accessing text-to-speech engines.

Easy and quick development

Development with Qt for Python 5.12 is fun, fast and flexible. Developers can easily work on their applications using Qt for Python 5.12. Developers can power their UI development by utilizing ready-made widgets, controls, beautiful charts, and data visualizations and create stunning 2D/3D graphics for Python projects.

Qt Community

Developers can exchange ideas, learn, share, and connect with the Qt community.

Global Qt Services

Global Qt services provide tailored support at every stage of the product development lifecycle.

What’s next in Qt for Python

The team at Qt might simplify the deployment of PySide2 applications. They might also provide a smoother interaction with other Python modules and support other platforms like embedded and mobile.

Users are excited about this project and are eagerly waiting for the stable release. Qt for Python will be helpful for developers as it makes the process of developing desktop apps easier. But few users still are with PyQt5 as the stable release for Qt for python hasn’t been rolled out yet. The switch from PyQt to PySide might be difficult for many.

To know more about Qt for Python 5.12, check out Qt’s official website.

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