Qt Design Studio 1.1 released with Qt Photoshop bridge, updated timeline and more

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Yesterday, the Qt team released Qt Design Studio 1.1, a UI design and development tool that enables designers and developers to prototype and develop complex UIs. Qt Design Studio makes collaboration between developers and designers easy and streamlined. Qt Design Studio 1.1 comes with the availability of Linux packages.

What’s new in Qt Design Studio 1.1?

Qt Design Studio 1.1 is available for Linux

The developers who are using Linux can now use Qt Design Studio 1.1 directly on their development system.

Qt Photoshop Bridge

The team at Qt updated the Qt Photoshop Bridge (which allows sanitizing documents) for Qt Design Studio 1.1. But the PSD (Photoshop Document) files containing annotations from the Qt Photoshop Bridge 1.0, require to be sanitized. Annotations are added for exporting from a PSD file using the Qt Photoshop Bridge.

Qt Photoshop Bridge and merging when importing

It is now possible to merge the existing QML files with the newly re-imported QML while re-importing from Photoshop to an existing Qt Design Studio project. It is highly used when the user made changes to the exported .ui.qml files using Design Studio. The merging option can be enabled by using a checkbox in the import dialog.

Update projects to Qt Design Studio 1.1

Users can update their projects to Qt Design Studio 1.1 by copying the controls from a newly created Qt Design Studio 1.1 project into the existing project from Qt Design Studio 1.0. The folder that needs to be replaced is “imports/QtQuick”. Replacing this folder will update the Qt Design Studio specific components that are used in the project.

Major Changes


The local record button has been fixed. The timeline has now been prevented from claiming too much space. Custom colors have been added to the timeline bar items. The issue with the status bar update has been fixed.

Property Editor

The issue with invalid access to network paths has been addressed.

Item Library

This release comes with an added support for enums in .metainfo files. The issue with Image.PreserveAspectFit has been fixed.

Form Editor

The issue with the visibility of the selection rectangle has been fixed.


This release comes with an added support for negative length of zoom blur and for dash pattern. This release also features added cap style to components.

Platform Specific

This release features added support for the dark theme on macOS Mojave and Linux package for Linux.

Major bug fixes

  • The error messages have been fixed.
  • The clamping keyframe positions to the animation range have been fixed.
  • It is now possible to reset the status bar when changing the QML file.

To know more about this news, check out Qt’s blog post.

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