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The Qt team released Qt Design Studio 1.0 yesterday. Qt Design Studio 1.0 explores features such as Qt photoshop bridge, timeline-based animations, and Qt live preview among other features.

Qt Design Studio is a UI design and development environment which allows designers and developers around the world to rapidly prototype as well as develop complex and scalable UIs.

Let’s discuss the features of Qt Design Studio 1.0 in detail.

Qt Photoshop Bridge

Qt Design Studio 1.0 comes with Qt photoshop bridge that allows users to import their graphics design from photoshop. Users can also create re-usable components directly via Photoshop. Moreover, exporting directly to specific QML types is also allowed.

Other than that, Qt photoshop Bridge comes with an enhanced import dialog as well as basic merging capabilities.

Timeline-based animations

Timeline-based animations in Qt Design Studio 1.0 come with a timeline-/keyframe-based editor. This editor allows designers to easily create pixel-perfect animations without having to write a single line of code. You can also map and organize the relationship between timelines and states to create smooth transitions from state to state. Moreover, selecting multiple keyframes is also enabled.

Qt Live Preview

Qt Live Preview lets you run and preview your application or UI directly on the desktop, Android devices, as well as the Boot2Qt devices. You can also see how your changes affect the UI live on your target device. Moreover, it also comprises a zoom in and out functionality.

Other Features

  • You can insert a 3D studio element to preview it on the end target dice with the Qt Live Preview.
  • There’s a Qt Safe Renderer integration that uses Safe Renderer items and also map them in your UI.
  • You can use states and timeline for the creation of screen flows and transitions.

Qt Design Studio is free, however, you will need a commercial Qt developer license to distribute the UIs created with Qt Design Studio.

For more information, check out the official Qt Design Studio blog.

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