Qt Creator 4.9 Beta released with QML support, programming language support and more!

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The team at Qt has been coming with a lot of developments lately. This week, the Qt team released the Qt Design Studio 1.1 and yesterday the team announced the release of Qt Creator 4.9 Beta.

What’s new in Qt Creator 4.9 Beta?

Generic programming language support

In this release, the team has added support for the document outline and for code actions, which allow the language server to suggest fixes or refactoring actions at a specified place in the code. The Qt highlighter is now based on the KSyntaxHighlighting library, which is the library used in KDE.


`Expand All` has been added to context menu. The `Close All Files in Project` action is now supported in this release. It’s now possible to close all the files of the project once the project is closed.

C++ Support

The UI for diagnostics from the Clang analyzer tools has been improved as they are grouped by file now. Diagnostics from the project’s headers files are also included. This release comes with a guard against applying Fix-its to files that have changed in the meantime. In the Clazy configuration, it is now possible to enable or disable individual checks.

QML Support

The QML parser has been updated to Qt 5.12. This release comes with an added support for ECMAScript 7.

Support for Python

This release comes with added project templates for Qt for Python.

Nim Support

The code completion has been added in this release based on NimSuggest.


This release comes with Perf, which is a powerful performance profiling tool for software running on a Linux system.

Operating systems

For Windows, this release comes with an added support for MSVC 2019. On macOS, there is an added Touch Bar for running Qt Creator. For remote Linux targets, the Botan-based SSH backend has been exchanged by the use of OpenSSH tools.

Major Fixes

  • The dragging file from the `Projects` view has been fixed.  
  • The crash on `Find Usages` has been fixed.

To know more about this news, check out Qt’s official blog post.

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