Qt Creator 4.9.0 released with language support, QML support, profiling and much more

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Yesterday, the team behind Qt released the latest version, Qt Creator 4.9.0, a cross-platform software development framework for embedded and desktop applications. This release comes with programming language support, changes to UI, QML support and much more.

What’s new in Qt Creator 4.9.0?

Language support

Qt Creator 4.9 comes with added support for document outline, find usages, and also for code actions that allow the language server to suggest fixes at a specified place in the code.

The team has changed the highlighter. It is now based on the KSyntaxHighlighting library, which is used in KDE for this purpose.

Changes to UI

In this release, the UI for diagnostics from the Clang analyzer tools have been improved as they now are grouped by file now. Diagnostics from the project’s header files are now also included.

QML Support

The team updated their QML parser to Qt 5.12 that added support for ECMAScript 7.


This release comes with perf, which is a performance profiling tool for software that runs on a Linux system. The integration in Qt Creator is available for applications that run on a local Linux system, and for applications that run on a remote Linux system from a Linux or Windows host.

Generic Projects

Users can now add a QtCreatorDeployment.txt file to their generic project for specifying the necessary information about where to deploy and which files to deploy.

Support for OS

For Windows, the team has added support for MSVC (Microsoft Visual C++) 2019. For macOS, a Touch Bar has been added so that users can run Qt Creator on a MacBook. And for Linux, the team has added OpenSSH tools.

To know more about this news, check out the Qt blog post.

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