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After releasing Python 3.8.0 alpha 1 earlier this month, Python team released the second alpha version of the four planned alpha releases of Python 3.8, called Python 3.8.0a2, last week. Alpha releases make it easier for the developers to test the current state of new features, bug fixes, and the release process.

Python team states that many new features for Python 3.8 are still being planned and written. Here is a list of some of the major new features and changes so far, however, these features are currently raw and not meant for production use:

  • PEP 572 i.e. Assignment expressions have been accepted. Now, users can assign to variables within an expression with the help of the notation NAME := expr. A new exception, TargetScopeError has also been added with one change to the evaluation order.
  • Typed_ast, a fork of the ast module (in C) used by mypy, pytype, and (IIRC) has been merged back to CPython. Typed_ast helps preserve certain comments.
  • Multiprocessing is now allowed and users can use shared memory segments to avoid pickling costs and the need for serialization between processes.

The next pre-release for Python 3.8 will be Python 3.8.0a3 and has been scheduled for 25th March 2019.

For more information, check out the official Python 3.8.0a2 announcement.

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