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Yesterday, Puppet announced a vulnerability remediation solution called Puppet Remediate which aims to reduce the time taken by IT teams to identify, prioritize and rectify mission-critical vulnerabilities.

Matt Waxman, head of product at Puppet said, “There is a major gap between sophisticated scanning tools that identify vulnerabilities and the fragmented and manual, error-prone approach of fixing these vulnerabilities.” He adds, “Puppet Remediate closes this gap giving IT the insight they need to end the current soul-crushing work associated with vulnerability remediation to ensure they are keeping their organization safe.”

Puppet Remediate will produce faster remedial solution by taking support from security partners who have access to potentially sensitive vulnerability data. It will discover vulnerabilities depending on the type of infrastructure resources affected by them. Next, Puppet Remediate will render instant action “to remediate vulnerable packages without requiring any agent technology on the vulnerable systems on both Linux and Windows through SSH and WinRM”, says Puppet.

Key features in Puppet Remediate

Shared vulnerability data between security and IT Ops

Puppet Remediate unifies infrastructure data and vulnerability data, to help IT Ops get access to vulnerability data in real-time, thus reducing delays and eliminating risks associated to manual handover of data.

Risk-based prioritization

It will assist IT teams to prioritize critical systems and identify vulnerabilities within the organization’s systems based on infrastructure context. It will give IT teams more clarity on what to fix first.

Agentless remediation

IT teams will be able to take immediate action to rectify a vulnerability without requiring to leave the application or without the need of requiring any agent technology on the vulnerable systems.

Channel partners will provide Puppet an established infrastructure and InfoSec practices

Puppet have selected initial channel partners depending on their established infrastructure and InfoSec practices. The channel partners will help Puppet Remediate to bridge the gap between security and IT practices in enterprises. Fishtech, a cybersecurity solutions provider and Bitbone, a Germany based computer software store are the initial channel partners for Puppet Remediate.

Sebastian Scheuring, CEO of Bitbone AG says, “Puppet Remediate offers real added value with its new functions to our customers. It drastically automates the workflow of vulnerability remediation through taking out the manual, mundane and error-prone steps that are required to remediate vulnerabilities. Continuous scans, remediation tasks and short cycles of update processes significantly increase the security level of IT environments.”

Check out the website to know more about Puppet Remediate.

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