Project management platform ClubHouse announces ‘Free Plan’ for up to 10 users and a new documentation tool

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ClubHouse, a popular project management platform has announced a free plan for smaller teams and a new collaborative documentation tool called ‘ClubHouse Write’. What is interesting is that although there are a number of competitors in the project management space, including the popular Atlassian Jira, few if any are offering it for free.

ClubHouse provides a ‘Free plan’ for smaller teams of up to 10 users

This no-cost option allows teams of up to 10 users to get unlimited access to ClubHouse core features such as core features Stories, Epics, Milestones for free.  These features show how everyday tasks of a team contribute towards a larger company goal. Additional features for support and additional security are available in Standard and Enterprise Plans for larger teams.

All current small plan customers with 10 users or less, will be automatically transitioned over to the Free Plan. Organizations that previously paid an annual fee and have 10 or fewer users will be refunded the difference in price. Once a team adds the 11th user, they will transition to the current Standard Plan. Although Free Plan does not support Observers, if teams have Observers on a current Small Plan, they will be allowed to keep existing Observers.

Users were quite excited about this new Free Plan, commenting about it on social media platforms.

“You guys rock! One less expense to worry about it until I hit my stride. I’ll gladly be paying for 11+ members when I can reach my goals,” reads a comment.

Another says, “Thanks! I LOVE CLUBHOUSE! I would still gladly pay $10/mth maybe you should have made free for teams up to 5, but then kept small for 5-10 :)”

ClubHouse Write, a collaborative documentation tool

Along with today’s Free Plan announcement, Clubhouse has introduced Write, a real-time collaborative documentation tool. This product is currently in beta and will “make it easier for your software team to document, collaborate, and ideate together.” Software development teams will be able to collaborate, organize and comment on project documentation in real-time, for inter-team communication.

Development teams can organize their Docs in multiple Collections. They can also choose to keep a Doc private or publish to the whole Workspace. Users will also be notified when there are new comments on followed Docs.

In an interview with TechCrunch, Clubhouse discussed how the offerings will provide key competitive positioning against competitors such as Atlassian’s project management tool “Jira,”. Clubhouse Write, will compete head-on with Atlassian’s team collaboration product “Confluence.”

Twitteratis were also quite excited about this new development.

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