PrimeReact 3.0.0 is now out with Babylon create-react-app template

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Yesterday, PrimeTek announced the release of PrimeReact 3.0.0, a UI component library for React. This updated version comes with few accessibility enhancements, the all-new Babylon create-react-app template, and more.

Here are some of the changes PrimeReact 3.0.0 comes with:

Enhanced accessibility and quality

After reviewing the entire suite, the team has enhanced various components for keyboard and screen reader compatibility. They have also addressed the user feedback resulting in improved overall quality of PrimeReact.

Babylon template

Babylon is the newly introduced create-react-app template for PrimeReact. It comes with over 800 UI Variations with different menu options, 50+ PrimeReact themes, ready to use pages, and more.

There are four flavors of Babylon menu: static, overlay, slim, and horizontal with dar/light color schemes. Additionally, a new grouped menu mode is also introduced in which submenus of the first level menu items are expanded for easier navigation.

The template supports 51 built-in themes each of which offers accent, light, and dark options. You can also create your own theme by just defining a couple of SaSS variables.

In the future releases, the team will be working towards adding support for more premium templates like Ultima, Serenity, Avalon, and Apollo in PrimeReact 3.0.0. They will also be improving PrimeReact core with features such as TableState, Carousel Component, Filtering for Tree/TreeTable, and more.

You can read the full list of changes on PrimeTek’s website.

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