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Yesterday, the team behind PrimeNG, a collection of rich UI components for Angular, announced the release of PrimeNG 8.0.0. This release comes with Angular 8.0 support, a new feature called FocusTrap, and other quality improvements.

Here are some of the updates in PrimeNG 8.0.0:

Compatibility with Angular 8

The main focus behind this release was to support Angular 8. Currently, PrimeNG 8.0.0 does not come with Ivy support as there are various breaking changes for the team to tackle in 8.x.

It is easier to use Ivy although initially there are no significant gains, for library authors such as ourselves there are challenges ahead to fully support Ivy,” the team wrote in the announcement.

This compiler is opt-in right now but in the future release, probably in v9, we can expect it to become the default. Currently, there are “no real gains” of using it, however, you can give it a whirl to check whether your app works right with Ivy. You can enable it by adding “enableIvy”: true in your angularCompilerOptions, and restart your application.

Another issue that you need to keep in mind is Angular 8’s web animations regression that breaks your application if you add import ‘web-animations-js’; into polyfills.ts. PrimeNG 8.0.0 users are recommended to use a fork of web-animations until the issue is fixed.

Other new features and enhancements

  • A new feature called FocusTrap is introduced, which is a new directive that keeps focus within a certain DOM element while tabbing.
  • Spinner now has the decimalSeperator and thousandSeperator props.
  • A formatInput prop is added to Spinner that formats input numbers according to localSeperators.
  • The FileUpload component uses HttpClient that works with interceptors. This is why the team has removed onBeforeSend and added onSend.
  • Headers prop for FileUpload are introduced to define HttpHeaders for the post request.
  • The ‘rows’ of Table now supports two-way binding.

Read more about PrimeNG 8.0 on its official website.

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