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Rubrik, a cloud data management company launched Polaris GPS, a new SaaS platform for Data Management Applications. This new platform helps businesses and individuals to manage their information spread across the cloud.

Polaris GPS delivers a single control and policy management console across globally distributed business applications that are locally managed by Rubrik’s Cloud Data Management instances.

Polaris GPS SaaS Platform

This new SaaS platform forms a unified system of record for business information across all enterprise applications running in data centers and clouds. The system of record includes native search, workflow orchestration, and a global content catalog, which are exposed through an open API architecture. Developers can leverage these APIs to deliver high-value data management applications for data policy, control, security, and deep intelligence. These applications can further address challenges of risk mitigation, compliance, and governance within the enterprise.

Some key features of Polaris GPS :

  • Connects all applications and data across data center and cloud with a uniform framework.
  • No infrastructure or upgrades required. One can leverage the latest features immediately.
  • With Polaris GPS, one can apply the same logic throughout to any kind of data and focus on business outcomes rather than technical processes.
  • Provides faster on-demand broker services with the help of API-driven connectivity.
  • Helps mitigate risk with automated compliance. This means one can define policies and Polaris applies these globally to all your business applications.

Read more about Polaris GPS, on Rubrik’s official website.

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