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A day after Christmas, Philips Hue experienced an outage where customers were experiencing issues creating new accounts, logging in and linking their account to third parties. The company concluded that this was due to “a lot of new activations”.

According to a TechCrunch post, “many people received Hue’s connected lighting products over the holidays and were now trying to set up their smart bulbs and other devices all around the same time. Hue’s servers couldn’t keep up with the demand and weren’t responding to the incoming requests”. This meant that users could not create or log into their MyHue account, or connect their lights to their Amazon Echo or Google Home.

Philips Hue’s Twitter account didn’t make a public announcement about the outage until Dec 26. Instead, the company was only replying to individual users.

The company then tweeted that the issue preventing successful account setup and device linking was resolved.

Almost a week after the company claimed that the issue was resolved, the company tweeted that they were having an issue with remote connectivity (Out of Home, voice commands). The company said that they would resolve the issue soon. However, the local connection via Wi-Fi would not be affected, the company tweeted.

One of the users tweeted pointing out that the company chose Twitter to let the users know and not via a notification email.

The company, however, informed the users that this issue will be resolved soon. If not, they could also disconnect their bridge for 30 seconds or try again later.

To know more about this news in detail, head over to Philips Hue’s twitter thread.

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