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Yesterday, the team at Percona, an open-source database software, and services provider announced Percona Distribution for PostgreSQL to offer expanded support for open source databases. It provides a fully supported distribution of the database and management tools to the organizations so that running applications based on PostgreSQL can deliver higher performance.

Based on v11.5 of PostgreSQL, Percona Distribution for PostgreSQL provides support of database for cloud or on-premises deployments. This new database distribution will be unveiled at Percona Live Europe in Amsterdam(30th September- 2nd).

Percona Distribution for PostgreSQL includes the following open-source tools to manage database instances and ensure that the data is available, secure, and backed up for recovery:

  • pg_repack, a third-party extension rebuilds PostgreSQL database objects without the need of a table lock.
  • pgaudit is a third-party extension that gives in-depth session and/or object audit logging via the standard logging facility in PostgreSQL. This helps the PostgreSQL users in providing detailed audit logs for compliance and certification purposes.
  • pgBackRest is a backup tool that is responsible for replacing the built-in PostgreSQL backup offering.
  • pgBackRest can scale up for handling large database workloads and can help companies minimize storage requirements by using streaming compression. It uses delta restores to lower the amount of time required to complete a restore.
  • Patroni, a high availability solution for PostgreSQL implementations can be used in production deployments.
  • This list also includes additional extensions that are supported by the PostgreSQL Global Development Group.

This new database distribution will provide users with enterprise support, services as well as consulting for their open-source database instances across multiple distributions, across on-premises and cloud deployments. The team further announced that Percona Monitoring and Management will now support PostgreSQL.

Peter Zaitsev, co-founder, and CEO of Percona said, “Companies are creating more data than ever, and they have to store and manage this data effectively.”

Zaitsev further added, “Open source databases are becoming the platforms of choice for many organizations, and Percona provides the consultancy and support services that these companies rely on to be successful. Adding a distribution of PostgreSQL alongside our current options for MySQL and MongoDB helps our customers leverage the best of open source for their applications as well as get reliable and efficient support.”

To know more about Percona Distribution for PostgreSQL, check out the official page.

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