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The next version of the Python library, pandas 0.24.0 will not have support for Python 2. pandas is a popular Python library widely used for data manipulation and data analysis. It is used in areas like numerical tables and time series data.

Jeff Reback, pandas maintainer Tweeted on Wednesday:

Many major Python libraries removing Python 2 support

One of the first tools to drop support for Python 2 was ipython in 2017. This was followed by matplotlib and more recently NumPy. Other popular libraries like scikit-learn and SciPy will also be removing support for Python 2 this year. IDEs like Spyder and Pythran are also included in the list.

Python 2 support ending in 2020

Core Python developers will stop supporting Python 2 no later than the year 2020. This move is to control fragmentation and save on workforce for maintaining Python 2. Python 2 will no longer receive any new features and all support for it will cease next year. As stated on the official website: “2.7 will receive bugfix support until January 1, 2020. After the last release, 2.7 will receive no support.

Python 2 support was about to end in 2015 itself but was extended by five years considering the user base.

Generative AI at work

Users seem to welcome the change to move forward as a comment on Hacker new says: “Time to move forward. Python 2 is so 2010.

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Generative AI at work
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