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Now for some personal news: Packt has passed 2000 repositories on GitHub. This milestone, which has taken significant effort from some of the Packt team, has been a direct response to customer demands. It means the code inside Packt books and videos can now be easily accessed by readers and viewers, making the step between learning and doing that little bit easier.

You can find Packt’s GitHub portal here

Packt’s GitHub portal: some dates and statistics

Packt’s first official GitHub repo was created in March 2016 for Swift 2 by Example. You can find it here.

Since then, more than 90,000 people have used our repositories – a number which is growing every day.

The top programming languages represented on Packt’s GitHub portal

The most popular languages on Packt’s GitHub largely indicate the areas that are most popular with Packt readers. However, it does also offer an insight on the most popular languages today. Over time, Packt should be able to track changes that will allow us to see how the popularity and usage of languages changes over time.

Most popular languages on Packt's GitHub portal

The most popular GitHub repo

The most popular Packt GitHub repo is the repo for our book Deep Learning with Keras. This repo (which you can find here) has (at the time of writing) 408 Stars, 340 Forks, and 51 Watchers.





Making Packt products more practical – and making learning easier

The initiative is designed to make Packt products more practical. In theory, it should make it easier to bridge the gap between learning a new skill and solving a problem.

Product Manager Erol Staveley explains:

“By making our code assets open source, we’re letting people build and explore our hands-on examples, giving back to the community a little, and helping them learn by doing. This is a small but valuable step in the evolution of our products as we seek to ensure they remain relevant to the needs of our readers.”

If you’re a Packt customer, it’s well worth diving into the code for any products you already have. 

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