Packt partners with Humble Bundle to bring readers a stash of game development content

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Once again, we’ve teamed up with the guys at Humble Bundle to bring game developers – professional, hobbyists, or complete newbies – a huge stash of game development eBooks.

In total you can buy $1467 worth of content for just $15!

Click here to visit Humble Bundle now.

Featuring eBooks and videos on some of the most popular tools in game design and development, we’re sure that this is one of our best Bundles yet. From Unity to Blender, we’ve got useful resources on the software that matters. And with further content on AI and VR, you can also be sure you’ll have what you need to learn the trends that are helping to define and drive the industry in 2018.

As well as lots of content at incredible prices, you’ll also be able to support some incredible organizations. As always, Humble Bundle makes it possible for you to donate a portion of the money you pay to charity. This month its the Electronic Frontier Foundation, who have been doing some exceptional work campaigning for a free and open internet.

What you can get in this month’s Humble Bundle

For just $1 you can bag yourself…

Or, you can pay at least $8 to get all that above and

Or, you can pay at least $15 to get all of the content above and…