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Packt Launches Mapt, The Developers’ Online Learning Platform

  • Packt responds to the needs of modern developers working in an increasingly diversified software space with a brand new learning platform – Mapt.
  • Mapt’s curated skill paths provide developers with practical content they need right now to get the job done and advance their proficiency in a technology skill set
  • Subscribers receive unlimited access to Packt’s library of 4000+ expert-authored IT resources

Birmingham, UK – 19 July 2016 – Packt have been delivering software skills and training since 2004 in their mission to “help the world put software to work in new ways”. Towards that goal, Packt today launches Mapt, an online learning platform built exclusively for professional developers. Mapt empowers developers to gain a competitive edge by filling in knowledge gaps and charting learning journeys towards professional goals. Mapt’s skills platform is built for and powered by developers, revealing the in-demand skills that every dependable developer needs.

When software can change overnight, developers need practical and immediate content to keep their skills up to date. Covering everything from game development to data science, security to web development, Mapt helps developers around the world stay ahead of the curve in the constantly evolving world of tech.

Guided by insights from more than 25,000 developers around the world through a series of comprehensive “Skill Up” surveys, Mapt has been specifically designed to help developers tackle the contemporary challenges of software. Easing the frustration and time wasted sourcing critical learning resources, the new Mapt platform connects developers to the content they need to learn new skills and join the dots between problems and solutions in everyday development.

Mapt users simply go to Packtpub and select their dream job or the skills they need to master and the platform tailors the right resources of high-quality materials carefully created by working developers around the world. Drawing from Packt’s library of more than 4000 books, eBooks and videos, Mapt curates the best materials to give developers precisely what they need to advance their careers, saving hours of searching for the right resources.

Developers cite that the biggest hurdles to obtaining new skills are finding time to learn and choosing from the best resources amid a massive sea of available materials – a process that more than half of Packt survey respondents spend 60 minutes or more doing.

Mapt is built for bite-sized bits of learning. Whether it is five minutes on a train or standing in line for a coffee, Mapt’s modular learning fits into developers’ lives. The platform makes it easy to pick up where they left off with previous materials, skip ahead or experiment with new languages.

“Packt’s aim is to keep developers relevant so they can gain a competitive edge in their careers,” commented Dave Maclean, CEO at Packt. “The tech world is ever evolving and through constant communication with our customers, we understand what resources they need right now to stay ahead of the curve. Mapt is a direct and personalized route to gain the most in-demand skills in tech, making it easier and quicker than ever for IT professionals to advance their careers.”

Mapt subscribers can now:

  • Assess how current skills map to career goals
  • Receive a personalized Skill Plan to acquire or develop in-demand skills to stay competitive
  • Quickly access nearly half a million pieces of content, curated from Packt’s best content and informed by data from more than 20,000 developers around the world

Mapt has been informed by insights from Packt’s wide-reaching Skill Up surveys. Conducted in July and December 2015 and June 2016, and capturing responses from more than 25,000 global developers, these surveys provide a detailed snapshot into the contemporary software world and what skills developers need to remain relevant as new tools and trends emerge. The full 2016 Skill Up report is free and available for download here.

Packt Skill Up Survey 2016 highlights include:

  • What’s the ‘next big thing?’ Top three responses were: Virtual and Augmented reality; Machine Learning and Big Data analytics; and The Internet of Things
  • What skills are most vital to today’s developers? Developers named JavaScript and Python as the most valuable skills in 2016
  • What skill sets command the highest salaries? Bash, Perl and Scala developers currently command the highest salaries
  • How are today’s developers learning new skills? Online training is a great driver for new skill acquisition, but the most proficient programmers across all age ranges learn through mixed media of text and video courses

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About Packt

Founded in 2004 in Birmingham, UK, Packt’s mission is to help the world put software to work in new ways through the delivery of effective learning and information services to IT professionals.

Working towards that vision, the company has published more than 4000 expert-authored books and videos, providing IT professionals with the actionable knowledge they need to get the job done – whether it’s learning an emerging language or brushing up on their programming skills. As part of Packt’s mission, the company has awarded more than $1 million through Open Source Project Royalty program, helping numerous projects become household names along the way. Please visit Packtpub for more information.

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