Generative AI at work
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And now, for some personal news: our friends at Humble Bundle, with whom we have been working for the past year or so, recently got in touch to tell us that in 2018 we raised $972,177.93 for some incredible causes.

The list of organizations we have helped is long. They include Make a Wish Foundation, International Rescue Committee, the American Cancer Society, and Water – each is very different, and often operating in different parts of the world, but they’re all doing important work in making the planet a little bit better.

We’re delighted to have played a part, but really it’s all down to the Humble Bundle community, who have embraced Humble Bundle’s smart and innovative platform. It’s exciting to see digital publishers and communities of gamers and software developers come together to support social good around the world.

What is Humble Bundle?

For those readers unfamiliar with Humble Bundle, it’s an organization that partners with game, book, and video publishers (like Packt) to pull together a set of content for which users can ‘pay what they want’.

To take a recent example, at the end of November we put together a cybersecurity bundle with Humble Bundle offering users the chance to get hold of 25 of our eBooks and videos for as little as $15.

Although $15 was the minimum required to ‘unlock’ the complete bundle, users could pay whatever they wanted in order to access the content – this means that the money that goes to great organizations like those listed above is ultimately down to the generosity of the wider Humble Bundle community.

Generative AI at work

What’s next for Packt and Humble Bundle?

This is just the beginning for Packt and Humble Bundle. We’ll be working together on numerous bundle campaigns as the year progresses and hoping to help raise even more money for the awesome organizations associated with Humble Bundle.

Keep your eyes peeled and watch this space – the next Humble Bundle could be coming very soon…

Generative AI at work
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