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It might not even be December yet, but if you’re interested in cybersecurity Christmas has come early. Packt has once again teamed up with Humble Bundle to bring readers a diverse set of titles covering some of the most important and cutting edge trends in contemporary security.

While the offer runs, you can get your hands on $1,533 worth of eBooks and videos, for just $15. That’s one steal that Packt wholeheartedly approves.

Go to Humble Bundle now.

As always, you’ll also be able to support charity when you buy from Humble Bundle. You can choose who to donate to, but this month the featured charity is Innocent Lives Foundation.

What you get in Packt’s cybersecurity Humble Bundle

For as little as $1 you can get your hands on:

Or you can pay as little as $8 to get all of the above as well as:

Alternatively, for as little as $15, you’ll get all of the products above, but also get:


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