An Overview of Oracle Advanced Pricing

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Oracle E-Business Suite R12 Supply Chain Management

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Oracle Advanced Pricing is the pricing engine for the Oracle E-Business Suite. This pricing engine works using the following scenario:

  • What: This talks about “what” the context of the product is that is finalized by product attribute—all items, item category, or item code.
  • Who: This tells us “who” the qualifier is that tells us who will be charged. At this step, the qualifier decides which modifier will give the price.
  • How: This shows “how” the modifiers will be applicable for the selected qualifier. These modifiers can be used to avail the discounts at sales, promotions, special duties, and charges for special customers of special locations, and so on.

After these three steps, prices for an item are finalized by the pricing engine.

The key functionalities of Oracle Advanced Pricing

The key functionalities of Oracle Advanced Pricing include the following:

  • Defining and assigning rules for pricing products.
  • Applying different types of discounts and surcharges to pricing.
  • Creating a price list for different pricing criteria.
  • Creating formulas to calculate pricing.
  • Creating conversion rates for the usage of multiple currencies.
  • Integration with different EBS modules for optimized pricing
  • Supporting TCA party hierarchy for price list.
  • Using Oracle Advanced Pricing, with the efficient use of qualifiers, modifiers, and formulas, we can efficiently manage all business scenarios.
  • Targeting the specific item definition with the help of the pricing attribute.
  • Making our own rules using the qualifier. For example, if today is Saturday then there will be 15 percent discount on the product.
  • Multi-level responsibility available, such as pricing administrator, manager, and pricing user.

Oracle Advanced Pricing process

The Oracle Advanced Pricing process normally initiates when a price for an item is created in the price list; the price for the item is called by the application. The qualifier and pricing attribute are used to select the eligible price or modifier. The price or the modified price adjustment, in the form of discount or surcharge, will be applied and final price is obtained. This final price is then applied against the item on the requested application.

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Price list

The price list is the list of prices for different items and products. Each price list can have one or more price lines for an item. It contains the qualifier and pricing attributes. The prices of items in a price list can be constant values that can be picked up at the time of ordering. These prices can also be derived using formulas and percentages.


Qualifiers are rules that control who will be priced. Qualifiers contain the qualifier context and qualifier attribute that creates a logical grouping and explains who is eligible for these prices. Qualifier attributes can be order type, source type, order category, customer PO, and so on. In qualifiers we have operators that can create a condition such as equal to, between, not equal to, and so on.


Modifiers allow us to adjust the prices. Using a modifier, we can either increase or decrease the current price list for price adjustment surcharges, promotions, and discounts that are available to us these values are from list. Type code with a system access level.


In Oracle Advanced Pricing, formulas are used to price items. These formulas actually contain the arithmetic and mathematical expressions used by the pricing process. Using these formulas, arithmetic equations provide us with the final price of items. If a formula is associated with any price list then we cannot use the constant and absolute values for that particular item.

Integration of Oracle Advanced Pricing with other modules

Oracle Advanced Pricing is fully integrated with other Oracle E-Business Suite modules. The following are the modules that are integrated with Oracle Advanced Pricing:

  • Oracle Purchasing
  • Oracle Order Management
  • Oracle Service Contract
  • Oracle Sales Contract
  • Oracle iStore
  • Oracle Transportation

An Overview of Oracle Advanced Pricing


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